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Player Name: Kia
Plurk Handle: Kiaxet
Other characters: None!

Character Name: Agent Washington
Fandom: Red vs Blue
Character Journal: [personal profile] unrecovered
OU, AU, or OC? OU
If canon, canon point: End of Season 13, because cliffhangers are fun for the whole family!
Superhero Name: Freelancer

History: He carried the plot for five seasons and was heavily involved in three more. It's a bit long.

[A note: the RvB wiki is notorious in the fandom for its questionable upkeep and accuracy. Please let me know if there are issues; I'd be happy to clarify.]

Additional OC and AU Background: N/A

Personality: The easiest way to describe Wash is that he has a gooey, dorky, relatively happy core enclosed by several deep layers of scarring, emotional trauma, and massive trust issues. He started off as a trusting, eager-to-please team rookie; many years, one severe mental breakdown, and multiple betrayals (several of which he committed) later, he's much more of a cynic. Outwardly and upon first meeting, he's very mission-oriented, only interested in getting the job done and lacking much patience for delays or incompetence. He's shown that he does have the capacity to do some pretty terrible things (killing a former teammate comes to mind) when he hits bottom or gets desperate.

However, a little further down, past the scar tissue and the reflexive mental defenses, Wash can actually be a pretty good guy. If he does accept someone as a partner or teammate, he will work with them and take care of them, going so far as to go against direct orders in order to keep a partner alive. He still has the capacity for compassion and empathy; it just takes him a bit to warm up to anyone. He can also be a bit of a dork, and he still has a sense of humor, though it has a much more sarcastic bent to it now than it did before.

Basically, life has screwed Wash over pretty hard, and for a good long while he went through life pushing people away and expecting it to happen again - it's only with a little work and a lot of patience that he got past that mentality enough to work with other people.

After spending a few months with the Reds and Blues, Wash has mellowed a bit - which is to say, he’s just as uptight as ever, but much more patient about it. He has to be - the Blood Gulch crew really didn’t leave him an option, and they sure aren’t changing anytime soon. Essentially, Wash has calmed down a good deal about his past and its ramifications, even if he is still dealing with them to some extent. He’s always known how to care about people, but now he’s less reserved about actually showing that he cares about them, and he takes people on as partners and teammates much more easily. He's verging on Team Dad territory just a bit, though he's nowhere near fully there yet.

He also learned how to relax - just a bit - but given that everything went straight to hell almost immediately thereafter, that lesson likely didn’t have much time to sink in.

Canon Powers: N/A

Game powers: Going for 2 moderate here:

Temporary Power Nullification: Wash can nullify powers in a radius of 10 feet; it's a short burst with effects that last two minutes for anyone caught in it. (Think of it as an EMP for powers.) It only effects supernatural/granted powers; if someone comes by that speed/strength/size/etc naturally, it won't be nullified. Wash is not affected by his own powers; however, it does take 15 minutes to "recharge," so if he misses or it doesn't work the first time around, he'll need to get of dodge or have a backup plan.

Moderate Healing Factor: Exactly what it says on the tin. He's not about to regrow anything that's cut off, and it's not instantaneous, but he'll definitely heal much more quickly than a normal human. (Less "healing before your very eyes" and more "that broken bone won't be a problem in a few days.")


Wash is a trained space marine and has served in (and survived) two genocidal wars. Most of his abilities are a result of that military training.

- Combat: Wash is skilled in armed and unarmed combat. This includes ranged weaponry such as rifles and pistols, knife fighting (both in close combat and throwing), and hand to hand combat. Essentially, he's accustomed to fighting things that are bigger, stronger, and/or meaner than him, and he's come out of all of those fights alive if not victorious.

- Lock picking: he has experience with holographic locks, though he's also able to pick physical locks (outdated as they are in his time). He's not the best out there, but he's definitely proficient.

- Eidetic memory: Wash's brain has essentially been rewired by a malfunctioning AI. It gave him an eidetic memory: he's able to recall just about anything he experiences in perfect detail.

- Survivability: It's not really an ability, but Wash has an uncanny knack for surviving everything that's thrown at him, including getting hit by armored vehicles, getting shot in the back, landing in an active minefield, collapsing a stone tunnel on top of himself, and three spaceship crashes, one of which involved said spaceship crashing directly on top of him. (There's a reason he's getting a healing factor - that's a whole hell of a lot of near-death experiences.)

Setting: Initially, Wash is going to be pretty ticked off: he was in the middle of a mission with the lives of his team on the line, and he needs to get back there as soon as humanly possible, and being yanked into another dimension really isn't helping with that. Aliens that aren't immediately homicidal? Highly advanced technology? Okay yeah that's nice now send him home he has things to take care of.

That won't last terribly long, however. He's a soldier, he's been given a mission with high stakes, and this is not the first time he's been yanked into a war that's not his own and had to fight for survival, both his own and that of those around him. Once he's accepted that he's here until the war is won, he'll click fairly well into Legionnaire lifestyle and missions and will do his best to work with his new team. He'll give his all to save the multiverse, so long as they send him home afterwards to save the Reds and Blues. Priorities.


Prose Sample:
For what it was worth, Wash had protested his attendance at this party. Vigorously. With examples. He's not a good diplomat by any stretch of the imagination, and he knows it. Sure, he can work just fine with people he knows, but a bunch of fancy strangers that he can't afford to piss off at a party? Nope.

So, of course, they sent him anyway. And here he is, in whatever passes for formalwear in a galaxy far, far away, keeping his head down and trying not to be nervous about the fact that the AI port at the base of his skull is very much visible. (He's caught three people staring at it already, but everyone is just too damn polite to say anything, and he can't risk an international - interplanetary? - whatever - incident by calling them out on it.) For the most part, he's just trying to keep quiet and survive the evening.

Which is why it's very easy to overhear someone right behind him when they start talking about him - about just how tacky visual augmentations are, and they don't know why the Legion keeps bringing in all these weirdos and surely they can do better than that, and they just don't feel safe with all these extradimensional strangers in positions of authority, and-

And they want him to hear, he realizes. They want to get a rise out of him. Make him lose his temper. Prove them right.

Well fuck that.

If you give them what they want, you lose. Wash may have been dragged into the stupid political games at this party, but if they're going to make him play, then he's damn well going to win. So he stays silent and finishes his drink, waiting for their little tirade to end, and eventually it does. Points to him.

Evidently he's not done, as round two starts with them switching topics and ragging on some of the other new recruits. After a moment, Wash realizes they're talking about people he knows - people he's fought alongside, people he's trained with, people who aren't sure they're cut out for this but are trying anyway-

And he gets angry. People can talk shit about him all they want - it's not like that's different from his daily life - but he is not letting them go after his team without consequences.

...they're his team now, aren't they.

Goddammit, fine.

He turns around, and-

"Hey." It's not loud, but it's sharp, cracking through the conversation like a whip. Good. "If you've got a problem with recruitment, then maybe you should take it up with the guy running the draft instead of bitching about the people who didn't ask to be here and are still putting their lives on the line to save your ass."

He needs a closer. Think of a closer.

"Just a thought."


He turns back around, ignoring the combat training that screams at him not to turn his back on an enemy. If they attack him, they lose. This is a nice party, after all - if it turns violent, it gets ruined for everyone. He knows it, and they know it. Engaging may not have been the right choice, and he's probably going to catch hell for it later, but right now, he's just going to bask in the first bit of self-satisfaction he's had in a while.

Network Sample:

[Somebody doesn't look too terribly happy to be doing this, but hey, he's been asked to do a lot of dumb things in his life. Just add this one to the list.]

Dear future me: you already remember this message in its entirety, so there's really no point in me doing this.

[Snark snark snark, but that doesn't help. He sighs and tries again.]

Look. Your team back home needs you, but you're not getting back home until the mess here is cleaned up. It's not the first time you've gotten pulled into someone else's war, and- [He's never really put it that way before, and he pauses as the full impact of those words hits him.] God, that's really sad, isn't it.

[But dwelling on it isn't going to help anything, and he shakes it off.]

You're already a soldier; the people here expect you to be some kind of superhero. So...do it. Win the war. Hopefully this Time Trapper person can put you back exactly where and when he found you, but either way, that's not happening until you win here. Win, and go home, so you can win and go home.

[Finish this war so you can go back and finish the other fucking war you were fighting. It never ends, does it.]

[That's two ugly realizations in two minutes, and that's two too many.]

...this is why I never do these things.

[And he turns the message off and trashes the file, not that he'll be forgetting it anytime soon.]

Additional info: N/A

If this is your first character being apped to the game, did you reserve first? I did!
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